Tissue products

  • eTiss

    Allografts are human donor tissues (e.g. bone) processed for use in various surgical procedures (e.g. spinal, pelvic and fracture non-union). These products can be cleaned and processed via methods based on eCOO Technology. Subsequent sterilisation of these products can be achieved again by eCOO Technology-based sterilisation or other conventional methods. The total process reduces the risk of transmitting diseases by eliminating virtually all lipids, protein and potential transmissible agents. Examples of allograft products include products from pre-formed bone segments for applications such as spinal fusions and granules for bone void filling.  read more

  • eColl

    A variety of high potential collagen tissue engineering products (Xenografts) for multiple clinical applications are being developed. Modern tissue engineering approaches will be used to treat children with structural birth disorders, such as spina bifida, urogenital defects, gastroschisis, diaphragmatic hernia and esophageal atresia. The multidisciplinary project strives to take a translational route through in vitro and animal experiments to early clinical trials. This will be done by the use of tailor-made "smart" biomatrices (scaffolds) that are prepared using natural scaffold molecules such as type I collagen. Recently, a platform is created for the development of collagen tissue engineering scaffolds for bladder augmentation (i.e. bladder cancer), treatment of hypospadia and epispadia, and application as urostomy.  read more

  • eNova

    EMCM is actively involved in the development of innovative biomaterials which bring together our knowledge in working with collagen molecules & human allografts to provide controlled drug and peptide release profiles via the aforementioned carriers. Our knowledge of working with hydrogels and combinations with the grafts add quite a significant value. This development is being tried across various platforms of controlled release & combinations in the pursuit of opening up new opportunities.

    This method in development and subsequent products will benefit from the benefits in safety, cleanliness and mildness that the eCOO Technology offers in tissue processing, which EMCM continues to explore following its policy of constant innovation.

 For more information, please download the Tissue Product Catalogue

Due to host material, scientific and technical limitations, all advantages of the eCOO Technology platform may not be applicable to each product under eTiss, eColl & eNova products.