Our Tissues business segment is active in the processing of tissue components such as bones, soft tissues, cells and skin of human as well as of animal origin. Our capabilities are in providing safe, clean and effective bone, collagen and innovative products using proprietary supercritical carbon dioxide technique eCOO� Technology.

EMCM has been accredited, as per the European Directive 2004/23, to function as a licenced Tissue Establishment by the Ministry of Health in The Netherlands. Human tissue products processed at EMCM are sterile and fulfil the quality & safety requirements of the European Directives for tissues and cells.

EMCM complies to the norms required by the VWA Netherlands to import and handle animal by-products. Animal tissue products are obtained from several herds for the manufacture of innovative products after stringent screening of transmissible diseases & viruses, in compliance with European norms.

EMCM is your partner, supporting you with innovations in human grafts (eTiss), xenografts (eColl) and innovative biomaterials (eNova).