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eCOO Technology

eCOO Technology is EMCM’s proprietary technique to clean, sterilise and impregnate human and/or animal derived bone & tissue, using supercritical carbon dioxide.

The incorporation of steps, using scCO2, is brand named eCOO� Technology. The eCOO Technology brand encompasses several steps for cleaning, sterilising and impregnation. The decellularisation and defatting procedure is called eCOO Clean. The sterilisation process is called eCOO Ster. The process including both cleaning and sterilisation is called eCOO Pro. Impregnation of tissue grafts may be based on our eCOO Plus procedure, which can be added to the other eCOO modules independently.


As part of its pursuit to contribute in providing innovative healthcare products and solutions, EMCM is incorporating, together with its partners, the eCOO Technology as part of their product identity.

 Currently eCOO Clean is featured on ECTB’s Osteomycin T™, Osteomycin V™ and Osteopure™ line of products. 

Figure 1 illustrates the various options of eCOO Technology.


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