A variety of high potential collagen tissue engineering products (Xenografts) for multiple clinical applications are being developed.

Highly-purified type I collagen can be obtained from several sources such as tendon, skin and/or pericardium. From the latter, collagen fleece can be made which is already on the market as Jason and applied to minor wounds in implantology, periodontology and oral surgery.


Products under the eColl family include:

  • Bovine & porcine dermis
  • Bovine & porcine pericard
  • Porcine fleece
  • Bovine collaged based tubular
  • Flat scaffolds
  • Which are suited for applications that range from periodontology to wound/infection care.
  • From maxillofacial reconstruction to tissue regeneration, from gynaecology to urology.

Furthermore, EMCM has developed a method for a cost efficient and reliable technique for the manufacture of Ultra-pure type 2 bovine fibrillar collagen and is working on developing a variant of Atelocollagen, new sources of collagen and much more.

EMCM has developed a dental membrane for one of the global leaders in the dental market. The membrane functions as a barrier between soft and hard tissue. The product is derived from an animal source and is processed into a decellularised as well as delipidised sterile product for dental application. EMCM has incorporated a novel approach for cleaning and sterilisation of this membrane which involves supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2). Currently, the manufacturing process is brought to a higher level by the transfer from a feasibility run to a validated manufacturing process. 

The eColl products are in various stages of development and will be classified as a Medical Device (CE). 

Due to host material, scientific and technical limitations, all advantages of the eCOO Technology platform may not be applicable to each product under eTiss, eColl & eNova products.