As the organisation has grown and with the acquisition of key tissue processing technologies, EMCM now also has human bone allografts, tissue constructs and its derivatives in its portfolio.

With a view to maximally harness our in-house technologies and available expertise, EMCM initiated a few research and development projects during the course of its existence. With the initial focus on orthopaedic biomaterials, EMCM currently possesses various types of bone cement, cement restrictors as well as an adhesion barrier product for spinal surgeries in its biomaterials portfolio.

Currently EMCM does not directly indulge in R&D projects, but our keen focus to enhance our existing products and deepen our product lines has led to our participation in various Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials projects with national and European universities. In this section of the website, we have highlighted our in-house products and a few products in phase of R&D. Please feel free to contact us should you need more information.

Due to host material, scientific and technical limitations, all advantages of the eCOO Technology platform may not be applicable to each product under eTiss , eColl & eNova products.