EMCM announces strategic partnership with Alamo Tissue Service, San Antonio, TX

July 3, 2013

European Medical Contract Manufacturing (EMCM) has today announced the closing of a strategic collaboration with Alamo Tissue Service (ATS) in the field of development and manufacturing of human grafts and xenografts using proprietary super critical Carbon Dioxide (scCO2) techniques.

As part of the alliance, EMCM and ATS shall collaborate on expanding the use of & initiating cross platform developments using their proprietary scCO2 processing techniques, eCOO™ Technology and PASCO2 Technology, respectively.

The alliance is an extension to the continued focus of EMCM, in regenerative tissue engineering for the development of constructs for cardiovascular, orthopaedic and dental applications using milder, safer and cleaner processing techniques, compared to available alternatives.

For more information on ATS, please visit http://www.alamotissueservice.com