New corporate strategy bears first fruit

Leader Biomedical has furthermore unveiled its own corporate identity and website.

The new corporate identity centres on the idea of “Extending your Reach” by increasing the access of next generation healthcare solutions to global markets, with an emphasis on high-growth emerging markets. Since the announcement of our strategy last year, Leader Biomedical has already started to deliver on this promise by setting up subsidiaries in India and China and consolidating its marketing and sales operations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Finally, it has also entered into a partnership with Dora Medikal to promote its proprietary eCOO Technology in Turkey. All these initiatives are in line with European Medical Contract Manufacturing or EMCM’s business strategy and will help it in its mission of becoming a centre for manufacturing excellence.

“Leader Biomedical was established to be a leading provider of biomaterials and medical implants with a strong footprint in high-growth markets, like China,” said Prof. Lugee Li, Founder and sole shareholder of Leader Biomedical.

“Through hard work and dedication, we’ve been able to move quickly and I am very pleased with the progress we have made. This is however only the beginning and you can expect more exciting news in the near future,” he continues.

Ultimately, Leader Biomedical’s ambition is to develop an integrated value chain encompassing new technological innovations, Manufacturing Operations (CMO & OEM), which will be EMCM’s main focus, and product marketing.

Leader Biomedical was founded by Prof. Li following the acquisitions of EMCM and aap Joints. The new corporate identity will bring these subsidiaries – along with future acquisitions – together under a single umbrella, uniting them through a common mission and vision.

We invite you to visit our new corporate website and contact us if you have any questions.