European Medical Contract Manufacturing (EMCM) announces future strategic direction

Subsequent to its recent acquisition by a Private Equity, European Medical Contract Manufacturing B.V. (EMCM) today announced the formation of its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, its new board of directors and the corporate roadmap for future business.

Headquarters in Hong Kong & Corporate Roadmap
EMCM is to be a direct subsidiary of its parent company, Leader Biomedical Limited, headquartered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Embarking on its corporate vision “to be a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions”, the management of Leader Biomedical Limited has put forth a strategy of “focus, buy and build” for the years ahead to develop an integrated value chain encompassing technology development, CMO and OEM services and marketing.

To accomplish the aforementioned vision, Leader Biomedical has identified the following B2B roadmap:

  1. Focus on CMO and OEM activities, and on incorporating value added services for Tissues, Liquids, Suspensions and Gels;
  2. Establish an integrated business management and customer relations centre; and
  3. Develop, promote, and license IP and technology

“Thanks to its customer base and their continued support, EMCM has grown over the years. EMCM has the potential to maximise the utilisation of its competencies with an efficient mix of core focus and complementary acquisitions. Our aim is to capitalise on this potential and to lead the industry in providing value to all of our customers, partners, and patients”, said Professor Lugee Li, CEO of Leader Biomedical Limited.

Board of Directors
With the view to enhance and further optimise the CMO & OEM activities of EMCM, Mr Martijn Ligtenberg (former Director of Finance, EMCM) and Mr Gert Wentzel (former Manager of Operations, EMCM) will be appointed with immediate effect as Directors of EMCM and shall jointly legally represent the company.

Ms Henri�tte Valster will immediately transition from her current MD role into overseeing the execution of international projects. Mr Michael Engelbrecht, has been appointed as Director Quality operations.

Leader Biomedical has established a corporate office in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Leader Biomedical Europe, BV; where Mr Basil Babychan (current Business Manager, EMCM) and Mr Isaac Bresnick (responsible for Group Legal Affairs) will be appointed as Directors. In addition to the corporate role for Leader Biomedical, Mr Basil Babychan will continue to oversee EMCM’s present and future customer relations and commercial activities.

The aforementioned information and structure is expected to be publicly visible within the next 4 months, via a new corporate identity, structure and group website.

The new structure will provide a sound mix of access to high-growth markets including China, Japan and Southeast Asia to Leader Biomedical, EMCM and its customers.

In addition, management expects the timely incorporation of value-added services to EMCM’s contract manufacturing business for Class 3 biomaterials, regenerative tissue products and biologicals.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at:
• Mr Basil Babychan ()
• Mr Gert Wentzel ()
• Mr Martijn Ligtenberg ()

We thank you for your continued support and business with EMCM. We strive to improve the quality of our services and increase our attention to customers through the restructuring activities identified in this letter. EMCM will continue to provide the high-quality and reliable products and services that support opportunities in the orthopaedic, dental, wound care and cardiovascular fields.