CritiTech and European Medical Contract Manufacturing Announce Collaboration to Develop API-Coated Tissue Grafts

LAWRENCE, KS – CritiTech, Inc., a growing drug delivery and development company, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with European Medical Contract Manufacturing (EMCM) of Nijmegen, Netherlands, to develop tissue grafts coated with a variety of drugs using CritiTech’s proprietary supercritical fluid technology. The coated tissue grafts are being developed to provide effective and long-lasting antimicrobial control and rapid healing, especially in revision surgeries, to compensate for and correct failed implants.

“By combining EMCM’s eCOO proprietary manufacturing process with CritiTech’s active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) coating technology, CritiTech and EMCM expect to produce tissue grafts that preserve their flexibility and maintain their structural and mechanical properties,” said Gary Clapp, CritiTech’s Vice President of Technical Operations.

Coating EMCM’s tissue grafts with CritiTech’s supercritical fluid technology should produce unique benefits such as: (1) enabling the use of a wide range of APIs; (2) use of pure APIs; (3) delayed release of the APIs; and (4) incorporation of biodegradable release agents.

The goal of the collaboration between CritiTech and EMCM is to develop the first commercial tissue grafts coated with API using supercritical carbon dioxide. Initial results of the joint product development effort should be available later this year.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and to be working with EMCM,” said CritiTech president Matthew McClorey. “They are a competent, focused and driven product development partner.”

About CritiTech

CritiTech, Inc. is a drug delivery and development company focused on using the company’s proprietary supercritical fluid technology to help its clients and partners develop and manufacture unique and differentiated drugs and medical devices. CritiTech specializes in optimizing the delivery of challenging drug substances, potent molecules and poorly soluble compounds. By combining its SCF Technology with its ability to simplify formulations, CritiTech can expand and improve the drug delivery options for oral, injectable, and inhaled drugs, as well as implantable devices.

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About European Medical Contract Manufacturing

EMCM develops and manufactures sterile medicinal products in GMP and ISO accredited facilities, conforming to the standards of the USFDA, EMEA and ISO for the biomaterials, pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering markets. EMCM produces a broad range of medical products offering complete custom-made service and product packages (product development, regulatory affairs, purchasing, manufacturing, final packaging, warehousing and distribution in the capacity of a contract manufacturer). EMCM also produces and sells human and animal tissues for the orthopedic, trauma, dermatological and regenerative markets. EMCM manufactures human grafts and xenografts under the flagship eTiss and eColl product portfolios, respectively. Controlled drug delivery and peptide delivery mechanisms embedded in the aforementioned carriers are under development.

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