Allograft study recognised at EBJIS, Utrecht, NL

At the recently conducted 33rd annual meeting of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society (EBJIS) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Dr. D. Link from EMCM presented a study on the osteoconductive properties of cancellous bone grafts loaded with Tobramycin or Vancomycin to the orthopaedic & trauma surgeons, infectious disease specialists and microbiologists, who gathered to increase the knowledge about all the infections affecting the musculoskeletal system and to promote the preventions and treatment of these infections.

This study showed that impregnation of bone chips with these antibiotics do not adversely affect their osteoconductive properties compared to non-loaded bone chips. After a discussion by the evaluating panel, 2 presenters of the best abstracts received an award for their work: Dr. D. Link (EMCM) received the award for ‘Best Basic Science Study’ from the hands of Dr. H. Winkler (President of EBJIS) and Dr. C. Vogely (Chair Local Organiser).