EMCM is equipped with a range of (semi-) automatic filling units for the filling of organic solvents, aqueous solutions, gels and suspensions, as well as powders. All filling processes can be performed under aseptic conditions and will be validated by media simulations according GMP and ISO requirements.

  •  Ampoule filling

    Two fully automatic filling units for the aseptic filling of organic and volatile solvents and aqueous solutions into ampoules up to 30 ml are in operation. This aseptic process is validated by media simulation and executed by a qualified process team. This filling process can be further extended by inline labelling, a visual inspection machine and the positioning of an ampoule breaker.

  •  Syringe filling

    EMCM has a semi-automatic filling process for the filling of highly viscous suspensions and gels, in operation in the range of 1 ml - 5 ml syringes. This technology has scope to be expanded for the filling of dual syringes as well as a fully automatic pre-filled syringe (PFS) line.

  •  Vial filling

    A fully automatic filling unit for the (aseptic) filling of liquids, suspensions and gels into vials is in operation. The line is equipped with stopper/cap closure devices for 13 mm and 20 mm.

  •  Pouch filling

    On special customer request we design filling equipment for the filling of custom-made primary packaging. A dedicated custom-made filling line is available for the filling of liquids into aluminium pouches. This filling unit can be made suitable for filling of any dedicated filling unit.