Management philosophy

Supporting Opportunities

As a customer driven organisation that believes in contributing to the quality of life by delivering high quality products and services, EMCM incorporates a “no-compromise on quality” policy, your innovations are delivered in the safest of environments.

Shared values and guiding principles aimed at ethical standards of integrity and business are the basis of everything done. This has enabled and established long lasting relationships between EMCM and its employees, customers and authorities.

The EMCM advantage

EMCM prides itself in being able to support innovations and breakthroughs in the healthcare sector that will positively impact the lives of millions worldwide.


If you have an opportunity, you can rest assured EMCM will support you whilst you deliver them, through:

  • B2B model for the development and manufacturing
  • Compliant and reliable quality system
  • End-to-end service solutions
  • Upscaling, process validation, production, packaging, warehousing and distribution
  • Fully licenced GMP operations, European and FDA approved Tissue licence to store, process and distribute human tissue
  • Flexibility to ensure your innovation is on the market
  • Support in product registration